VIL launches Multimodaal.Vlaanderen

News | 13/08/2018

VIL launches Multimodaal.Vlaanderen

Multimodaal.Vlaanderen is VIL’s new advisory service that was launched on Tuesday October 17, 2017 during the Transport & Logistics fair in Antwerp Expo. Multimodaal.Vlaanderen will inform, sensitize and guide companies into determining their best choice of transportation.

Congestion is a threat to logistic Flanders

Flanders is gridlocked; on the ring-roads in Brussels and Antwerp, on the E313, the E17, the E40, the Kennedy tunnel… And the situation isn’t getting any better. The Federal planning bureau predicts the number of vehicle kilometres will rise by 22% by 2030, in comparison to 2012. The transported tonnage that moves in and through Belgium will grow by 40% and freight transport will increase by up to 45% in the same period (expressed in ton kilometres). In the meantime, predications show a very limited shift from road to rail and water. If this situation doesn’t change, congestion will increase, and Belgium will go further down in the ranking of top logistics regions in Europe.

Synchromodal instead of unimodal

As one of the measures to turn the tide, the Flemish government decided to create a multimodal advisory service within VIL on the 14 July 2017.  VIL was chosen because of its neutrality, independence, its ability to bridge the various transportation modes and its impressive professional network. The mission of Multimodaal.Vlaanderen mission is to secure a ‘mental shift’ and help accommodate the future increases in freight transport by efficiently using different transportation modes.

“If we can successfully integrate transportation by road, water, rail, air and pipeline in a flexible and durable way, the current and future infrastructure and capacity would be much more efficiently used”, says Peter Lagey, unit manager Multimodaal.Vlaanderen. “We strongly believe in cross-company collaboration as leverage to fewer empty ships or vehicles”. The advisory committee will therefore organize communities per region or sector or based on supply chains to bundle these flows of goods in the best possible way”

Multimodaal.Vlaanderen will distance itself from price negations or advocacy as this wouldn’t align with its neutrality, which is crucial for the success of its mission.

Connecting minds 

Multimodaal.Vlaanderen will unite and approach shippers, logistics service providers, SME’s, large organisations and international companies with one clear goal: the openness and willingness to work together and actively look for alternatives that lead to real actions and change. ‘Connecting minds’ will be the motto.

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