Business advice

As company advisory board, Multimodaal.Vlaanderen informs and guides companies in the quest to find realistic alternatives to increase efficiency in road transport.

Both shippers and logistics service providers can call upon services of Multimodaal.Vlaanderen, who will then construct multimodal propositions based on selected flows of goods in regard to logistic parameters and service level agreements.

Simultaneously, Multimodaal.Vlaanderen examines options for making road transport more efficient (fuller loaded vehicles and fewer empty kilometres)

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Many companies try to optimize their flow of goods. Higher efficiency or new multimodal opportunities emerge thanks to collaboration beyond company borders.

Multimodaal.Vlaanderen regularly takes the initiative to link companies and stakeholders with the goal of identifying multimodal and/or efficiency-enhancing opportunities.

The communities that arise because of these activities can be organized regionally or per type of product, with one common goal: to collect volumes centred around one or more specific routes or infrastructures.

Policy advice

Multimodaal Vlaanderen filters and distils the experiences in the field and transforms them into meaningful advice destined for the government.

Policy advice can relate to infrastructural bottlenecks or needs, inadequate regulations, the need for financial support for certain applications, transport modes, destinations, etc.

The advisory board also fulfils the role of sounding board for the government in relation to mobility issues

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