Fully loaded on exactly the same, efficient route


ECR award

In 2015, the ECR award (Efficient Consumer Response) was won by CHEP, Colruyt, Delhaize, FrieslandCampina and Remitrans for their collaboration in realizing an optimal delivery cycle. The five companies aimed to create a durable and efficient route for the truck.

The process was further fine-tuned during the elaborate testing phase. Ultimately, the delivery schemes were merged and, from that point on, the truck was able to take the same, efficient route on natural gas (CNG).

This project resulted in fewer vehicle kilometres thanks to the maximum load capacity of the truck, reducing congestion on the important roads in Belgium (E17, Ring of Brussels). For this project, Remitrans uses a Scania truck fuelled with CNG, reducing CO2 emissions by 15 to 20% (compared with a diesel truck).


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