Wienerberger chooses the multimodal way

Export to the United Kingdom

After their dock in Beerse was built, Wienerberger decided to transport their pallets of rocks, destined for export to the UK, by water to their consolidation site in Bornem. Coasters leave from this point to travel to the United Kingdom and other destinations. In 2017, over 45,000 tons were transported over water from Beerse to Bornem via inland shipping.

Beerse – Bornem – Brussels

After the stones are delivered in Bornem, the barges set a course for Vilvoorde where non-contaminated soil coming from infrastructure works is unloaded.

This soil will be transported back to the factory in Beerse to fill old clay pits. All these activities take place within the context of landscape restoration.

A total of 45,000 tons were moved via this route in 2017. This resulted in a brand-new transport loop over the water: Beerse – Bornem – Brussels. In total, Wienerberger shifted about 90,000 tons from road to water, the equivalent of more than 6,000 truck rides.

On the docks at Bornem, the Fast Lines coasters are loaded for the UK, after consolidation of flows that also came from other production locations. In 2017, total shortsea traffic amounted to almost 100,000 tons. It’s Wienerberger’s intention to further expand its traffic over water in the future.

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