Multimodaal.Vlaanderen focuses on collaboration between companies; in this section you will find concrete initiatives in which streams of goods per sector are combined or bundled around certain capacity or infrastructure.

Transport of rubbish via inland shipping

With the project “Flanders recycling hub”, VIL proved that the business case for a central rubbish hub in combination with transport through inland shipping is most favourable, on the sole condition that ships with a minimal capacity of 25 containers are deployed. In this concept, different kinds of rubbish are transported in 30-foot containers which are then loaded and unloaded directly by a truck, with a container hook system, onto a ship with a flat loading floor.

During the first Round Table for Rubbish, organized by Multimodaal.Vlaanderen, there was a positive response from all actors in the rubbish collection and processing sector. At the moment, all operational criteria and regulations are being examined while possible business models are being sought in order to elaborate the concept and launch it commercially.

In the first phase, the network will be limited to a central hub (e.g. Antwerp) with consolidation hubs in the Kempen (along the Albert channel or the Kempisch channel) and in West-Flanders (e.g. along the Leie or the channel Leie-Roeselare).

Containers are transported back and forth via a fixed line service between the consolidation hubs and the central hub. The central hub ensures that ships are fully loaded.

Once the first phase is operational and commercially successful, the network will be further expanded with extra consolidation hubs (e.g. Seachannel, Ghent,..) and extra volumes. In this phase, the extra network is opened for all parties that wish to transport rubbish through inland shipping.

Interested in this network? Contact the Multimodaal.Vlaanderen team.

New barge connection Ghent – Antwerp

From Sifferdock, located on the right bank of North Sea Port (Ghent), there is a barge shuttle that operates to the port of Antwerp.

Recently, a new barge connection with Antwerp was set up from Kluizendok; this is already being used by a limited number of companies who want to avoid the busy E34 and E17.

Multimodaal.Vlaanderen takes the initiative, preferably with local partners, to reach as many companies as possible, located west of the channel zone, and convince them to use this new container connection to and from Antwerp.

An increase in volume to and from Kluizendok is interesting for shipping companies to deposit empty containers in the depot located nearby the terminal.

For shippers and their logistic service providers, the availability of the empty containers makes transport via barge more interesting. Leverage and interaction is key, and can lead to a significant saving in kilometres, time (and subsequently costs), and CO2!

Interested in this connection? Contact the team.

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