Mission, objective, vision


As a neutral and independent advisory board, we aim to inform, sensitize and guide companies into determining their best choice of transport and realizing a “mental shift” by doing so.


Multimodaal.Vlaanderen aims to help accommodate future increases in the transport of goods, predicted by the federal planning bureau (+44 % in 2030 in comparison to 2012, expressed in ton kilometre).

In combination with other measures (to be) taken by the Flemish government, this will lead to a decrease in the congestion in Flanders.


Multimodaal.Vlaanderen will focus on efficiently using all current and future capacity and infrastructure.

Alongside the modal shift from road to water, rail or pipelines, the efficiency increase in road transport is an absolute priority.

VIL very much believes in the power of collaboration and focuses on communities that unite companies, service providers and stakeholders in relation to sustainable transportation projects.

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